About The Grandview Dog Park

The wonders of taking a canine companion out for some exercise should not be underestimated. It’s good for both the owner (stress relief is essential) and good for the health and happiness of that canine companion. If you are a resident of Aurora in Colorado there are some great choices to take in that fresh air with your dog, but one of the best must be the Grandview Dog Park.

A bonus is the fact that the park has ample parking so it’s easy to access the 5 acres of sunlit fun. Although dogs have to be leashed until they get into the Park, once inside it is a leash-free zone. Once inside the Park, the fun really begins. It has varied terrain, including grass, boulder-strewn areas, trees and dirt that are perfect for rolling in and simply enjoying (the dogs – not people).

The area is completely fenced off – so it is ideal for stress-free fun in wonderful natural surroundings. However, some areas have very little shelter and the sun can beat down – so bring plenty of water for the furry friend. In inclement weather, some other areas can be a little muddy – but that is all part of the fun. There is also some great equipment for dogs to really stretch their legs.

Some snacks for both human and canine companions are strongly recommended. There are very few opportunities for refreshment within easy reach, but the wonderful surroundings make a little preparation well worthwhile. However – restroom facilities have been provided. A warning – dogs and human caregivers should be aware that they are in Coyote Country. Small dog owners need to be vigilant.

This Parl is a wonderful destination for those who want to relax and unwind in the company of their canine companions – and is a place that rewards those who are willing to set some time aside to explore.

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