About The Aurora History Museum

In Colorado, you can travel to the city of Aurora and visit one of the more interesting museums in the United States. The museum is located at 15151 E. Alameda Parkway in beautiful Aurora, Colorado. To check the times when the museum is open, it is simply a matter of going to their website. There you will find a list of times and dates when the museum is open plus you will also find more information about any upcoming events. The best thing about the Aurora History Museum, besides all of the wonderful exhibits and tours, is that the museum is free to attend.

Take a trip back into time and explore some of the historic landmarks that tell the story of Aurora. In the 19th century, Aurora (then Fletcher) began as a small trolley town that was emerging into a thriving metropolis. Aurora’s history also includes the 1950s when the suburbs really started to grow outward from the city center. Historic landmarks, businesses, and homes provide physical memories of a rich history that surrounds the beautiful city of Aurora. In fact, you can jump into your car and take a tour by means of an audio tour presentation.

You should also visit the Delaney Historic Farm site. This unique exhibit includes a one-room schoolhouse, a rare round barn, the homestead, and the open space that surrounds these structures. It is located near the High Line Canal. Also, take some time to visit the Centennial House. The Centennial House is an 1891 Queen Anne style Victorian home. It was originally built in the town of Fletcher (now called Aurora) and is one of the oldest original homes in the area. This home was unique because it included indoor plumbing to the upstairs bath and kitchen. In 1990, the city of Aurora bought the house and later that year it was restored for the Centennial Year of Aurora in 1991.

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