About The Plains Conservation Center

The beauty of Aurora is on full display at the Plains Conservation Center. It’s visited by people from all over the world due to the area’s beauty, quality, and simple elegance that’s impossible to beat.
make the most of what Plains Conservation Center has to offer, it’s best to understand all that it has
For those looking to on display. It’s a place of exuberant beauty that leaves one in awe.

The main site is spread across 1,100 acres and is a big part of the outdoor education facility. It’s an extension of the area and exemplifies all that is on offer in the region. Children are often brought to this part of the facility to demonstrate all of the natural beauty that is around Aurora and how it all comes together.

It was in 1933 when the land was set up by the City of Denver. Over time, it was developed and maintained to ensure people could visit and take a look at its elegance.

Since dinosaurs have become an integral part of history and are regularly spoken about among experts. The Plains Conservation Center holds a special spot in the hearts of these researchers as they continue to value the West Bijou site. A number of stones and fossils have been located in the area and it is a reflection of the region’s history dating back thousands of years.

When visitors come to the Plains Conservation Center, they are able to visit the blacksmith shop, historic schoolhouse and garden area to name a few. It’s a place with incredible quality and can be a wonderful way to spend the day. Throughout the year, there are several events hosted at the Plains Conservation Center in order to bring people in and allow the community to cherish the nature of this

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