About the Dallas Holocaust Museum

The Dallas Holocaust Museum is dedicated to educating guests in regards to the history of the Holocaust. They have also made it their mission to advance human rights, and teach the value of human life and combat hatred, prejudice, and indifference. This museum was founded in 1984 by survivors of the Holocaust. These 125 Jews formed the organization “Holocaust Survivors” in 1977 and made it their goal to share their story with the world. Today, it is a top-rated attraction in the city of Dallas, Texas, and is a wonderful location for adults as well as children to visit.

The Dallas Holocaust Museum is a gem in the sense that it is one of the only Holocaust museums present in the United States. In addition to this, it is the only Holocaust museum serving the area of North Texas. It has been praised for its creative as well as compelling programming, world-class speakers, and internationally-recognized exhibits.

There are a few permanent exhibits in this museum, such as Human Rights Wing and Pivot to America Wing. The Holocaust/Shoah Wing discusses the history of the Jewish people, and it leads up to the events of the Holocaust. You will also be met with Hitler’s view of the world, and receive information regarding the Nazi’s rise to power. It discusses in depth their acts of terror and what led to what is known as the “Final Solution.” Of course, you will be able to read about the personal stories of those who lived in this time, and how they acted at their best during a time of inhumanity of the most terrible sort.

The Dallas Holocaust Museum takes a look at the past and revisits the bravery of the Jewish people, and works to provide knowledge and understanding of humanity and the rights of all human beings.

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