About The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Whether you are a resident of Dallas or are planning to visit the Lone Star state, the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament should definitely be on your to-do list. This incredible venue offers a unique dinner theater experience that you and your party are sure to enjoy.

Going back in time 1000 years, the event includes a two-hour display of chivalry and entertainment reminiscent of feasts put on by Queen Maria Isabella for guests of the royal court. The story traces back to the noble family of that time and is recreated by highly-trained staff and entertainers dedicated to presenting this exciting tale.

The show includes jousting, swordplay, horsemanship and more. Dressed in knight garb, the jousters and their horses put on a magical display of talent and entertainment. The well-cared for horses are also featured in remarkable displays of horsemanship. Additionally, hand-to-hand combat and falconry are featured at the tournament.

However, the venue offers more than a great medieval tournament. The meal itself is an experience. The main dish is roasted chicken, served with buttered corn, herbed potatoes, and tomato bisque soup. Guests are also treated to coffee and two non-alcoholic beverages.

Rounding out the meal are garlic bread and dessert. Guests aren’t given utensils in order to remain true to the time period.

A vegetarian menu is available, and the facility has a full bar for adults. Anyone intending to order from the bar must be at least twenty-one years of age and have a valid photo ID.

Guests have access to a gift shop to purchase mementos of the occasion. Also, there is a Hall of Arms and medieval torture museum to round out the opportunities for exploring this time period.

Located on N. Stemmons Fwy, the venue offers free on-site parking for cars and buses, in addition to handicapped spaces. With a casual dress code and so much to offer, the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament provides fantastic entertainment for adults and kids alike.

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