About Texas Discovery Gardens

During the warm summer months, nothing beats soaking up the wonder of the outdoors and learning more about this precious planet we live on. This is especially true if you have children living in the home who may be out of school for the summer. That is where Texas Discovery Gardens comes into play. Located at Fair Park in Dallas, this public garden has taken on the mission of helping adults and children discover and learn to sustain the natural world. Those behind this garden hope that each and every visitor leaves with the motivation to carry on sustainable practices and help the planet become a better place to live.

Texas Discovery Gardens covers 7.5 acres and features not only adapted plantlife but plants that are native, as well. Children and the young at heart will especially get a kick out of visiting the butterfly house and Insectarium that takes you to a tropical rainforest featuring hundreds of gorgeous butterflies that flutter around each visitor. Fortunately, the garden is open year-round, meaning that you can come and explore this urban oasis any time you are able to come to Dallas.

This garden features free admission days, festivals, and an extensive educational program that introduces little ones and adults to outdoor and natural learning experiences called EarthKeepers. This program is growing often and is always welcoming new recruits. Those behind this organic garden ensure that it is cared for in methods that conserve water, protect the environment, and involve all methods of sustainability.

So if you find yourself in Fair Park, take some time to learn how you can care for this marvelous planet we live on, as well as view and marvel at beautiful butterflies and the wonderful plantlife housed in this organic garden. Learn from experts, volunteer, or make memories with your loved ones that will last you a lifetime.

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