About The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza

Located in Dallas Texas, the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is home to the life and legacy of the late John F. Kennedy. He was the 35th of the United States. The late JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963. Evidence found at this museum, formerly known to as the Texas School Book Depository, showed that there was a sniper within the sixth floor.

Located in downtown Texas, this museum takes a look into JFK’s life. It contains lots of historic broadcasts entailing the life, presidency, death and legacy left behind by the late president. This is contained in radio and television broadcasts, historic films, manuscripts, artifacts, photographs, and interpretive displays. These are able to portray events that happened during the assassination and the investigative reports that followed in addition to his legacy.

The Corner Window is the actual crime scene. This is where the sniper shot at the late president’s motorcade. The shots fired ended up striking JFK and the Governor of Texas John Connally. It is alleged that Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible for the shooting. Standing at the corner window recreates the realism into the moment when the shots were fired.

The Memory Books is where thousands of visitors who come to the museum leave their memories, comments, and feelings. These are in regards to the museum, the late JFK and the tragedy itself. Seeing the thoughts of others written down may inspire you to do the same. Some talk of where they were and what happened when they had of the tragic news. Others talk of how the museum is able to bring life to the president’s lifetime and death even though they were not yet born by the time of his death.

The Sixth Floor Museum is usually opened seven days a week. There is a museum store and a cafe that serves visitors. These are located across the street from the museum. Visiting this museum can be very informative when it comes to life and legacy of the late JFK. Historic materials in the museum can offer in-depth knowledge of American history.

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