About the Rowlett Creek Preserve

The Rowlett Creek Preserve is a beloved park situated in Garland. This preserve has everything you could need when looking for a day to connect with nature.

This park offers picnic areas and gazebos if you prefer a relaxing day out or the lush trail which spans over 15 miles to enjoy the scenery that Garland has to offer.

This trail is very popular for those looking to hike or ramble as it is mainly flat allowing you to customize your route which will depend on how far out you would like to venture. There are also opportunities for off-road bike enthusiasts.

The trail is over 16 miles in length and built on the staked-loop system. This means the trail users are able to choose from different loop combinations where they can obtain distances from as little as 1 mile up to 16 miles. The trail is made up of 14 connected loops. The loops have been numbered according to the way they have been built which may be a bit confusing for the first-time riders.

The travel direction for every loop is clockwise, with some areas which are twisty and tight. The majority of this trail is level with only a couple of short climbs. There are several areas along the trail which are closer to the edges, which are mainly found on the 3 creeks which pass through what is known as the RCP greenbelt.

The maps for this trail are marked out in a ski-area fashion, which includes the colors green, blue and the black which is an indication for skill levels. The green is the easiest, while blue is more difficult and the black being the most difficult. The trail is for multi-use which is why any off-road bikers must be considerate when it comes to the other trail users.

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