About The Spring Creek Forest Preserve

The Preserve is made up of the 70 acre ‘Lee F. Jackson Spring Creek Forest Preserve’, the ‘Spring Creek Greenbelt’ and the 30 acres of ‘Spring Creek Park Preserve. A total of around 200 acres that rewards exploration.

It is unusual to find a venue that boasts such wonderful natural beauty within the shadows of a downtown area – but those who are responsible for the preservation of Spring Creek have done a marvelous job of setting aside an area which rewards repeat visits by those who just want to bask in nature’s glory. The scenery comes courtesy of bottomland forest consisting of Chinquapin, Bur, as well as Shumard Oaks (with trees that reach the lofty heights of over 100 foot – and some which are over 500 years old). Spring waters trickle across solid limestone – and it is this abundance of clean, fresh water which has allowed the forest to thrive for centuries. So clear is the water that visitors can clearly see the native Longear Sunfish gliding across the limestone bottom.

But what makes Spring Creek Forest Preserve even more of a pleasure to visit is, without doubt, the abundance of fossils that can be found in the Preserve. These are the result of a shallow ocean that used to cover much of this part of Texas some 90 million years ago.

There is ample parking for those who want to access the park – and the rewards for visitors are incredible. Some fantastic walking trails where the flora and fauna invite investigation. Butterflies, magnificent birdlife and wonderful flowering plants await those who take the time to explore.

Spring Creek Forest Preserve in Garland is a place that should be on the list of every nature lover that visits Garland – make sure to set aside some time to visit.

HVAC Repair Chief Garland