About The Windsurf Bay

If you are going to be in Garland, Texas you want to make sure you plan a trip to Windsurf Bay if you want to enjoy spending time outside. This 42 acre park is next to Lake Ray Hubbard so you get beautiful views. The park is full of trails and other places to walk and jog.

Getting out to the local parks is good for you and it is good for your health. You can exercise and enjoy spending time doing things outside that are good for your health. The parks are a lot of fun and you can enjoy doing many different things in them.

There is a ton of parking in the area and you can easily find a place to park your car. Once you park you can explore the beach areas. There are picnic tables that you can have a picnic at as well. Even though there are beach areas to enjoy swimming isn’t permitted.

You will find a cove in the park that has a long strip of land that extends out into the lake. There are no boat ramps at the park. There is no admission fee to get into the park.

Windsurf Bay Park is popular with windsurfers and it is a great place to windsurf since it is protected. Windsurfing is a great sport and you get to spend a lot of time enjoying yourself in the water when you take up windsurfing. If you don’t want to windsurf there are lots of other things you can do at the park.

Windsurf Bay Park has a lot of things to do and it provides you with a great way to spend time. You can spend a lot of time having fun and exploring the park. You can’t go wrong with the water view.

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