About The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most well-known attractions in California’s Orange County. Those who have an interest in the entertainment industry are sure to enjoy finding the stars of their favorite actors, musicians and others in the entertainment industry.

Discussed throughout the 1950’s, the Walk finally became a reality in 1960-61. Director Stanley Kramer had the first star to grace the famous sidewalks. Since that first momentous occasion, another 2600+ brass-rimmed pink terrazzo stars have been added to the historical Walk.

Each star contains an inlay that showcases the area of contribution that got the celebrity nominated for induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The depiction of an old-fashioned film camera represents those artists involved in motion pictures whereas a phonograph record is for those with outstanding performances in audio recording and music.

Another original category is broadcast radio, which depicts a historical microphone designed for use in radio. Likewise, a television with “rabbit ears” is used to recognize broadcast television performers. A fifth category for theatre and live performances uses the classic comedy-tragedy masks for representation.

Visitors can peruse the stars while taking a casual stroll through the finest in entertainment from the past six decades. The intermingling takes place in less than two miles, making it an incredible opportunity for those who have the time and interest in exploring this magnificently woven historical fabric.

There is no charge for visiting these public sidewalks that feature such well-known names as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Tom Hanks. In some instances, fictitious characters, such as Lassie, have been included because they are part of Americana entertainment. Likewise, Jim Henson holds stars for his roles as Kermit the Frog and Big Bird, in addition to one for the Muppets ensemble.

There is something for virtually everyone waiting on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame!

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