About The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is considered to be the largest art museum within the west of the United States. It is home to a collection of over 130,000 objects from across the globe. Some of these objects date to as far as 6000 years ago. They portray the rich cultural heritage of the different cultures all around the world.

This art museum was established back in 1965. It represents the uniqueness of the population of Los Angeles. It reflects the cosmopolitan culture of LA and southern California. The LACMA is able to attract over an estimated one million visitors each year.

It’s collections are shared through research facilities, public programs, and exhibitions. These collections include African art, Asian art, European art and arts of the Americas. They range from paintings, pieces, prints, textiles and costumes to sculptures and photographs. These are of both classic and contemporary taste.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art also contains notable pieces from renowned artists. These include works by Veronese, Rembrandt van Rijn, Claude Monet, Yayoi Kusama among others. These works are displayed in the museum. Some of them are from centuries ago.

LACMA offers special exhibitions to its guests. Art classes and talks are also available within the museum. This can be very informative for art lovers. These can be done within the 600-seat auditorium.

Maps located within the museum can help you get around. They show the museum’s layout making it easy for you to manoeuver. Guided tours ensure that any questions or comments can be answered precisely.

If you are thinking about visiting an art museum, LACMA is the place to be. Art within this museum is an array of collections that span both geography-wise and history-wise. Located in Hancock Park, this museum is open to the public. It has three cafes and two stores within it.

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