About the Florida State Capitol

One of the most beautiful buildings architecturally-speaking, as well as most significant establishments in regards to the history of Florida, is the Florida State Capitol building. Constructed in the year 1845, it is located in Tallahassee, the capital of the state of Florida, and sometimes referred to as “The Old Capitol.”

After Tallahassee was chosen to be the state capital in 1824, construction began on a building in the year of 1826. However, it was never built to completion and eventually was torn down to make way for the capitol building that now stands. This capitol building was finished just prior to Florida becoming the 27th state to join the United States of America. Over the years, there have been additions to the Florida State Capitol, such as the dome that was added to the building in 1902 (by Frank Millburn).

In the 1960s, Florida experienced a time of political renewal. Because of this, the logical decision was to build a new capitol building for the political business of the state to be conducted. A ballot question was given presented to Florida voters regarding where they wanted the new capitol building to be erected. While the state’s capital was in consideration, there were other contenders for the new location, including Ocala, Jacksonville, and Orlando. Florida was renewed, different than it had ever been previously, and ready for a change. Ultimately, voters decided to keep the new capitol building in Tallahassee. The time was ripe for spending money on facilities for the state, and thus a new capitol building was constructed.

The Old Capitol Building was preserved, and can still be seen today. It has been restored to its 1902 appearance and presents quite a visual. As part of the National Register of Historic Places, it is definitely a site to visit when in Florida’s capital.

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