About Goodwood Museum & Gardens

The Goodwood Museum & Gardens give the feel of charm and splendor that comes with Old Florida. Goodwood serves as a landmark in Tallahassee. These gardens were originally a 2400-acre plantation of corn and cotton. The civil war led to the decline of these plantations. By the 1880s, these plantations were reduced to a home and garden. It was then a private residence that covered 160 acres.

1911 so the change of ownership of Goodwood. This came with major renovations. These renovations were done both to the house and garden. This made Goodwood secure its place among the finest homes within the Country Estate Era. This estate changed hands for many years until Thomas M. Hood took over. The restoration of Goodwood began all over again.

In 1978, Thomas M. Hood open a public park and house museum within Goodwood. He later donated the two as a memory to Margaret E. Wilson, his late wife. The Goodwood Museum & Gardens now occupies 16 acres that are open to the public. It is a historic house museum that the public can explore together with its magnificent gardens.

Goodwood has diverse attractions for visitors to explore. These include the museum and main house. Guided tours are offered when visiting these attractions. You can also be able to visit other buildings within Goodwood including the Laundry Cottage, Cline’s Cabin, Jubilee Cottage, and the Girl’s Cottage.

Fanny’s Cafe offers delicacies and refreshments for you while touring the gardens. You also get the chance to view the reflecting pool, the sunken garden, old clay tennis courts, and the water tower. Family events are also hosted in the Goodwood Museum & Gardens. These include art jams, performances on the park and free museum days.

Located along 1600 Miccosukee Road, the Goodwood Museum & Gardens offers a spectacular ambiance for its visitors. It is opened all week through with the exception of Sunday. Discounts are offered to groups, senior citizen, military and students. These gardens offer guided tours and are opened to the public. Pets are also allowed within Goodwood Museum & Gardens.

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