About The Museum of Florida History

There are many attractions that bring tons of visitors to the state of Florida per year, but none are as special as the Museum of Florida History when it comes to learning about this fabulous state. This museum, having been established in 1977, is dedicated to the history and prehistory of Florida, and it houses fun artifacts and exhibits surrounding this heritage. The Museum of Florida History is located in the state’s capital, Tallahassee.

The exhibits located in this museum are known to change frequently, which means that visitors are often treated to something new each time they plan a visit. However, the museum does contain permanent exhibits for the pleasure of guests, as well. These are World War II, Florida in the Civil War, Forever Changed, and Naval Ships Named Florida. World War II documents the response that the state had in regards to this infamous war, and features priceless artifacts such as a purple heart that was awarded to a bomber pilot who, unfortunately, was shot down over Germany. You can also see the dress worn by a Tallahassee woman who volunteered in a hospital during the war, among other artifacts.

In addition to the exhibits and gallery open to the public, this museum offers educational opportunities to those who are interested. In fact, there is a program for people of all ages. The outreach program enables speakers to visit classrooms of children in Florida, and the museum itself offers internships, which is unpaid and lasts up to four hours. All programs are up to Sunshine State Standards and promote critical thinking as well as offer multidisciplinary activities.

If you want to learn more about the history of the beautiful state of Florida, as well as provide children with educational opportunities, head on down to the Museum of Florida history today!

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