About the Tallahassee Museum

Are you planning a visit to Tallahassee, Florida? Perhaps you already reside in this city and desire to get out and enjoy some of the best that Tallahassee has to offer. If so, you simply must visit the Tallahassee Museum. This museum has adopted the mission to promote not only knowledge but also understanding in regards to the Big Bend’s cultural history as well as natural environment. This not only works to inspire residents and visitors alike but build a better community.

The Tallahassee Museum is set amidst 52 beautiful acres that display the flora and fauna of Florida. In addition to this, there are several exhibits that visitors can lose hours enjoying. One exhibit is “Natural Florida.” In this exhibit, guests are able to walk the Nature Trail loop, which is a half-mile in length, and marvel at the splendor of a pine forest, capture pictures of the glistening Lake Hiawatha, and even spot seasonal wildflowers and butterflies housed in the McGowan Butterfly Garden. Other exhibits include Old Florida, Wildlife Florida, Big Bend Farm, and one that the children are sure to adore, Jim Gary’s 20th Century Dinosaurs.

The Tallahassee Museum also offers educational programs for children and adults. Your little one, for example, can embark on adventures by way of a school break camp visit. Scout programs are offered, as well as early education for children. This educational program is held monthly and created with children aged 2 and 3 in mind. Accompanied by an adult, these young ones will have a blast with hands-on activities, stories, musical experiences, and walks through the 52-acre classroom that the Tallahassee Museum serves as.

In conclusion, if you are planning your itinerary for Tallahassee or simply looking for a priceless way to spend a free day, you can’t beat visiting the Tallahassee Museum to view the glory of Florida’s nature at its best.

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